• Floor Mounted Pallet Rack Protection

  • Double End Row Protector

  • Embedded Bollards Protect Entryways

  • Structural Steel Double Guard Rails

Guarding Products

Anywhere in your building that there is moving equipment, forklifts or people, there’s potential for a run-in. Anderson’s line of tough structural guards can make your facility safer for your workers and visitors every minute, every shift, every day.

For more than 70 years, Anderson Structural Steel has been a leader in steel design and fabrication. Our easy-to-install guarding products set us apart from the competition. Our efficient manufacturing processes keep prices competitive, and our attention to detail ensures you will get the steel products you want, when you want them. That’s why Anderson customers come back again and again.


Rack, Machine and Building Guarding products include:

End Row Protectors prevent rack and product damage at aisle entrances and exits

Upright Post Protectors improve pallet rack visibility and decrease forklift damage

Double Guard Rails Anderson builds the strongest barriers available using heavy-duty structural steel

Single Guard Rails, standard single guard rail post height is 18” with custom sizes available

Machine Guard
s, install peace of mind to protect valuable machinery and personnel

Bollards, protect your facility from vehicle damage 24/7

Floor Mount Guide Angles
, minimizes rack abuse by keeping forklifts moving safely between racks



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